Friday, December 18, 2015

25 Days of Blogging- Day 18: Winter Bride Guide

Hi friends!

As you may already know, this blog is linked to my Nutrition private practice called TheYogiRD. In this business, I help people gain nutrition knowledge and health through nutrition education and/or yoga practice.  If you cannot tell, I am all about a holistic view on health.

Now, since I have had several friends get married this past year, I decided to add a special aspect to my practice and have a section devoted just to brides!!  That means Bridal Nutrition, Bridal Yoga, and two packages that encompass both!!

Nutrition at any time in your life is important, but brides seem to have the drive for extra care.  Who doesn’t want to glow and feel amazing on their wedding day (that includes you grooms!!)?  So, I have created a plan specifically for brides (and their groom or wedding party) for the winter. Skin tends to dry out, high sugar and fat snacks are practically always within an arm’s reach, and exercise just isn’t as fun when it is so cold.

So, here is a sneak peak to my Winter Bride Guide (for being a fan of this blog and therefore an amazing person!!):

Whether you are a winter bride, or just want to stay healthy through winter, make these promises to yourself: