Friday, August 31, 2012

Farm Friday

Andrew came to Dominican to see the campus after I was done with class (early afternoon) and we walked around a bit so I could show him the different buildings and rooms.

We then went to Mariano's to buy some groceries.  Here's what we got (sorry, no pictures):

  • fresh figs
  • carrots, potato, celery root, Brussels Sprouts, kale, onion, tomato paste (for vegetable stew)
  • Kodiak Pancake Mix and maple syrup for Andrew
  • Peanut Butter (my life!) and Fair trade chocolate for yummy desserts.
  • Autumn Beer and Pumpkin wine!!! I look forward to this every year!
This grocery store is right up there with Whole Foods on my top favorite grocery stores (or places to go in general :)

Happy Labor Day weekend!!

Luana ola!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Most wonderful time of the year...

I am proud to admit that my most favorite time of year is autumn.  Next to the leaves changing, the cool air, and the all around beauty and spirit of the season, back to school time is amazing!!!  That new book smell, new classes, and new territory ready to be explored.  As I am officially a graduate, I am now working on my R.D. license and yoga teacher certificate (next summer for the yoga).

The backpack is loaded with books and supplies and a drawstring bag is packed with exercise clothes and gym shoes (hopefully I can squeeze in a workout during the day!)
 Do you think I like polka dots?  This insulated lunch bag will be filled with stir fry and an apple for tomorrow's lunch and the cups, filled with water and hot tea for the road.
 Pineapple princess was helping me pack :)  She kept getting under my feet while I was working around the house this afternoon.

As for triathlon pictures, my mom gave me her chip so here are my 2 faves from before and after the race!!

Please excuse the extremely white legs!!!

Woo hoo!  7th in my age group!

Andrew got 6th in his age group!
Well, that's all for today...A full week ahead of me and a birthday coming up soon!!!

Luana ola!

Monday, August 20, 2012


I had an amazing weekend!  First of all, I could not have asked for better weather; it was both cool and warm at the same time; the sun was out; and big beautiful clouds scattered in the sky.   Saturday was our day of rest because we had a big day on Sunday.  We relaxed ate a bunch of fresh fruits and veggies and go our whole grains (mainly rice and popcorn) loaded in our system for our first sprint triathlon on Sunday.  (oh, and watched probably 3-4 episodes of Smallvile!)

Saturday came and went as we settled in to bed around 9 p.m. so we could get up at 4:30 and head out.  We got up Sunday morning before the sun (way before) and drove down to Woodridge.  By 6 a.m., we were all registered, bikes in the gate, arms and calves numbered, shirts pinned, and a banana/granola bar digesting.   It was so cool!  The sun was begining to rise and I had all the energy in the world, like it was 10am (I almost called my parents, but then remembered that they were probably just leaving their house to watch our race.  By 7:30, my parents were there taking pictures of Andrew and I before we jumped in the pool to begin our race.

Before I knew it, I was in the water, goggles and cap adjusted and ready to go.  My heart was pounding, but there was no fear, just adrenaline and excitement!!!  The swimming was definitely the hardest part for me.  I took off too fast and ended up easing up by the third lane (note to self:  train harder on this one!).  I was done with the swimming and onto the bike.  My first transition was 1.30; not too bad for trying to put on shorts, socks, and a shirt soaking wet (note 2:  invest in a triathlon suit if this is going to become a regular race).  The bike was great; I averaged 15 mph and felt great.  Then came the run... Although it was only 2 miles, the first mile felt like 5 because my calves were tight from biking.  After talking to a few other triathletes, this seems to be a normal occurrence.  After that first bit, though, I picked up my pace and finished with a great sprint.  I felt like a champ and finished 7th in my age group and Andrew finished 6th in his!!  We did so well!!

Needless to say, we were exhausted by 2p.m. and took a short nap after lunch.  The rest of the day was relaxing; then back to work on Monday (or jury duty for me).

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and enjoying "back to school season"

Luana ola!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Reading a Book

Well, I spent most of this rainy day reading...I loved it!  There is nothing better then sitting (or standing at work, in my case) and reading a good book.  Since I finished The Hunger Games (which were amazing by the way), I picked up a nutrition book and am reading about health (just as fascinating!!)

Today's produce consisted of a tons of green beans, zucchini, an apple, and Juice Plus.  A protein shake, peanut butter, and toast were also thrown in the mix.

Speaking of green beans, I actually forgot how amazing they are!  I haven't had fresh green beans in what seems like forever.  I don't know why, but I just haven't bought them.  I don't like the taste of canned and frozen ones tend to be too watery.  I got these beans from Goebbert's Farm and Garden; 2 lb for about $3, and lightly steamed them for 5 minutes and were topped with pepper and a little garlic...mmm!  Good thing I'm not a vampire because garlic is for sure my favorite spice/herb!  I put it on everything and it adds such great flavor, not to mention that it is great for your heart by improving blood pressure!

In other news, I found a really cool article today about whole grain flours and thought I'd share it will all of you :)  Here it is.  I really like this resource because it tells you gluten free and whole grain forms of flours and how to use them in cooking!

Luana ola!

Friday, August 3, 2012

My first batch!!

As you know, I acquired my first Kombucha SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast) while on vacation last week.  Well, I made a gallon of black tea with 1 cup of sugar, added the SCOBY and patiently waited 8 days for my first ever batch of Kombucha.

Taste test approved!!  For being so good for you, this stuff tastes like it should be banned!  The reason that Kombucha is so good for you is because of all the live bacteria that make it.  As we all know, tea is good for us.  It has a healthy dose of caffeine, phytonutrients, and vitamins to help fend off disease.  Add some sugar so the SCOBY can grow, and you've got a perfect place for growing healthy bacteria.  When you drink Kombucha, these bacteria line your digestive tract and help your body to break down food and absorb nutrients.

I made my Kombucha with plain black tea, but it can be made with any caffeinated tea (green or black).  Until more research is done, do not use herbs or fruits to flavor your tea because they can actually kill the bacteria...then, you will end up with an undrinkable tea...

As for now, I am completely okay with the "plain" Kombucha because "plain" is far from the flavor.  The bacteria actually make the tea a little fizzy from the fermentation and the taste is much like that of apple cider. That being said, the SCOBY should have at least 8 days to ferment and will get more tangy the longer it sits. When you try your Kombucha, and it tastes too sweet, let it sit a few more days.

Are you ready to try making one of the healthiest beverages out there?!  It's too easy and tasty to pass up!!

Luana ola!