Friday, August 31, 2012

Farm Friday

Andrew came to Dominican to see the campus after I was done with class (early afternoon) and we walked around a bit so I could show him the different buildings and rooms.

We then went to Mariano's to buy some groceries.  Here's what we got (sorry, no pictures):

  • fresh figs
  • carrots, potato, celery root, Brussels Sprouts, kale, onion, tomato paste (for vegetable stew)
  • Kodiak Pancake Mix and maple syrup for Andrew
  • Peanut Butter (my life!) and Fair trade chocolate for yummy desserts.
  • Autumn Beer and Pumpkin wine!!! I look forward to this every year!
This grocery store is right up there with Whole Foods on my top favorite grocery stores (or places to go in general :)

Happy Labor Day weekend!!

Luana ola!