Sunday, August 26, 2012

Most wonderful time of the year...

I am proud to admit that my most favorite time of year is autumn.  Next to the leaves changing, the cool air, and the all around beauty and spirit of the season, back to school time is amazing!!!  That new book smell, new classes, and new territory ready to be explored.  As I am officially a graduate, I am now working on my R.D. license and yoga teacher certificate (next summer for the yoga).

The backpack is loaded with books and supplies and a drawstring bag is packed with exercise clothes and gym shoes (hopefully I can squeeze in a workout during the day!)
 Do you think I like polka dots?  This insulated lunch bag will be filled with stir fry and an apple for tomorrow's lunch and the cups, filled with water and hot tea for the road.
 Pineapple princess was helping me pack :)  She kept getting under my feet while I was working around the house this afternoon.

As for triathlon pictures, my mom gave me her chip so here are my 2 faves from before and after the race!!

Please excuse the extremely white legs!!!

Woo hoo!  7th in my age group!

Andrew got 6th in his age group!
Well, that's all for today...A full week ahead of me and a birthday coming up soon!!!

Luana ola!