Food Thoughts

Eat your greens! (at least 3 cups per day)

Stay on track and hold your head up high.

No GMOs!

Food tastes better when it's fresh and whole.

I enjoy being in my kitchen more than any other room!

Be kind to your body and it will be kind to you.

Fill yourself up with whole plant foods.

Buy local and even grow some of your own food. This is environmentally friendly, nutritious, and can actually tastes better!

Cook as many foods from scratch as you can (beans, breads, rice, etc.).  This saves on processing and added elements that you do not really want in your body.
I feel that every one can be healthy by following these thoughts and creating some of their own.  You know your body more than anyone else, so listen to it and feed it what it wants.

Luana Ola! Enjoy Life!