Saturday, January 31, 2015

Heart Opening Yoga Challenge

Hey all!  I'm coming at you with a second pose for the week!!  I know, I know...crazy right??!

Well, there is a purpose...seeing as how tomorrow is February, I decided to start my own little yoga challenge and I would love it if you would join me!  It is a challenge for the entire month of February.  The goal is to incorporate a little yoga into your life daily, whether that means use the asana (pose) of the day as a stretch or incorporate it into your home flow.  But that is entirely up to you!

I will be posting the pose of the day on Instagram (@kathyszcz) and twitter (@KathySzczesniak), so follow me on both accounts and use #followyourheart so I can see all of your lovely postures!!

Since I only chose 15 asanas, we will be going through the series twice.  This can be pretty cool because then you can see if the posture changed after a couple weeks!!

So anyways, save the image below, follow me, and #followyourheart starting tomorrow!!

Luana Ola!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Immune Boosting Food!!

First of all, let's start with the things that can hinder your immunity, especially in the winter months:

1. Lack of Sleep- During sleep, your immune system produces cytokines.  These cytokines help you to stay asleep and also increase when you are stressed, have inflammation, or have an infection (resource).  In order to fight infections, inflammation, or stress, you need to sleep so that your immune system can produce more cytokines and antibodies.

2. Stress-  Things like air pollution, a heavy work load, being a parent, being a caregiver, and so much more can put loads of stress on our bodies.  Much like with lacking sleep, stress can reduce immunity.

3. Not Enough Sunshine- The sunshine vitamin, aka vitamin D, plays a major role in a strong immune system.  If you live in a colder climate, you may go several months without proper sun exposure.  During these times, your immune system can be lowered , making you more susceptible to colds and the flu.

Ok, now that we know about the negative, let's focus on the positive!  It is always nicer to focus on the things we CAN do to IMPROVE our immune system and PREVENT colds and the flu.

Below are my top  ways to boots that immune system:

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables- Fruits and vegetables are LOADED with vitamins and minerals, even antioxidants, that help to keep your immune system strong and working.  One tip on choosing produce, more color = more nutrition!

2. Drink tea (green or herbal)- All tea can be beneficial to your health, but green tea and herbal tea especially have higher concentrations of immune-boosting nutrients like vitamin C.

3. Meditate or practice yoga- This goes right back to reducing stress.  Whether you meditate, practice yoga, or even do both, you are boosting your immune system by pumping your blood and reducing stress!

4. Increase your vitamin D- Also mentioned before, vitamin D can boost your immune system (research)!  If you physically can not get into the sun,  either incorporate some vitamin D fortified foods (i.e. wholesome cereals, OJ, etc.) or find a vegan D3 supplement.

5. Drink plenty of water- Last, but certainly not least, drink plenty of water.  Most of us should aim for a minimum of 2L per day or half your weight (in kg) in ounces of water.  Yes, water...not soda, coffee, tea, juice...straight up water!  For an added boost of vitamin C, squeeze some lemon or lime juice into your water or any other fresh fruit!
Let me know what your favorite way to boost your immune system is (or feel free to add your own!!).

Remember...luana ola, enjoy life!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

My New Years Resolutions 2015

Hey!  Long time no  I digress.

I know so many YouTubers and bloggers have been doing holiday and/or resolution posts, but I felt like doing one as well.  I've never really been into the New Years resolution thing because I believe that you can set a resolution any time.  As a matter of my own opinion, I feel that people are more likely to stick to a goal/resolution (why do we only call goals set during January a resolution...???) when it is not expected of them.

How many people do you know set a goal in January and actually keep it up for the whole year, let alone the rest of their life?

How many people do you know who do a 30 day challenge in June and actually keep it up for longer than a few months? (I know that I personally fell into this category.  See this post.)

So I'm rambling today..I do apologize!!  Here are some of my goals for 2015 (in no particular order mind you):

  • Practice the primary series of Ashtanga yoga at least once per week
  • Pass the RD exam in June
  • Get a job
  • Find an RD mentor
  • Volunteer to teach yoga at 5 locations
  • Attend 5 nutrition-related conferences/meetings
  • Go to a yoga retreat
  • Start a private nutrition practice
So there's some of my goals.  I'd love to hear some of yours, so feel free to comment below or email me directly!

Luana ola!