Saturday, January 31, 2015

Heart Opening Yoga Challenge

Hey all!  I'm coming at you with a second pose for the week!!  I know, I know...crazy right??!

Well, there is a purpose...seeing as how tomorrow is February, I decided to start my own little yoga challenge and I would love it if you would join me!  It is a challenge for the entire month of February.  The goal is to incorporate a little yoga into your life daily, whether that means use the asana (pose) of the day as a stretch or incorporate it into your home flow.  But that is entirely up to you!

I will be posting the pose of the day on Instagram (@kathyszcz) and twitter (@KathySzczesniak), so follow me on both accounts and use #followyourheart so I can see all of your lovely postures!!

Since I only chose 15 asanas, we will be going through the series twice.  This can be pretty cool because then you can see if the posture changed after a couple weeks!!

So anyways, save the image below, follow me, and #followyourheart starting tomorrow!!

Luana Ola!!!