Monday, August 8, 2011

It's been a while...

We went to the Renaissance Faire again!! Got some pretty cool things because it was Marketplace weekend!! (aka spend $200 and get 2 free tickets...which we did!)  Here's what we got:

 Mom and Son :)
 Love these!!
 Andrew's walking stick (hopefully a broom/walking stick will be in my near future as well...)

 Guess whose...

 Beeswax candles and incense
Masquerade mask!!!!!!!!
 Dragon Incense burner.  I have found a new love for dragons (I think it's due to my love for Gus, our tortoise).  This guy was too cute!  You burn either cones or sticks and the smoke comes through his nose!

 metal roses that last forever! and they smell good!

We also wanted to get some wands, they were just too expensive.  I would really like to get a necklace and a new corset, but once again, too expensive (the corset, not the necklace).

Anyone know of good places to buy authentic wands or corsets for a good price??!!