Monday, March 24, 2014

It's Spring!

Hi friends!

Can you believe it's finally spring?!  Some days it doesn't really feel like it, but I have heard the birds chirping in the early mornings recently.

Although it is still quite cold out, the small bursts of warm and sun have lifted my spirits!  So much so, I have created a 20 day challenge for myself.  In order to really get back on track with consistent exercise, I have decided to complete a standard triathlon in 20 days.  Now, for some of you, this might sound really easy and for others it may sound really tough, so let me explain...

My goal in terms of exercise is to just get back into it regularly and have fun!  For me, if I set my goals too high and miss one or two days, I fall off the wagon completely.  But, by setting smaller goals that are a little less demanding, I am able to complete the task and if I want to do more, I will.  Check out the image at the bottom of this page to see my schedule; feel free to use and share but make sure you let others know where you got it :)

That being said, this is why I chose a standard Tri.  Check out RawYogaFitness next week and I will explain it more in details!  So far, I am loving it and have done much more than expected!!

Here's to health and happiness :)

Luana ola!