Friday, August 3, 2012

My first batch!!

As you know, I acquired my first Kombucha SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast) while on vacation last week.  Well, I made a gallon of black tea with 1 cup of sugar, added the SCOBY and patiently waited 8 days for my first ever batch of Kombucha.

Taste test approved!!  For being so good for you, this stuff tastes like it should be banned!  The reason that Kombucha is so good for you is because of all the live bacteria that make it.  As we all know, tea is good for us.  It has a healthy dose of caffeine, phytonutrients, and vitamins to help fend off disease.  Add some sugar so the SCOBY can grow, and you've got a perfect place for growing healthy bacteria.  When you drink Kombucha, these bacteria line your digestive tract and help your body to break down food and absorb nutrients.

I made my Kombucha with plain black tea, but it can be made with any caffeinated tea (green or black).  Until more research is done, do not use herbs or fruits to flavor your tea because they can actually kill the bacteria...then, you will end up with an undrinkable tea...

As for now, I am completely okay with the "plain" Kombucha because "plain" is far from the flavor.  The bacteria actually make the tea a little fizzy from the fermentation and the taste is much like that of apple cider. That being said, the SCOBY should have at least 8 days to ferment and will get more tangy the longer it sits. When you try your Kombucha, and it tastes too sweet, let it sit a few more days.

Are you ready to try making one of the healthiest beverages out there?!  It's too easy and tasty to pass up!!

Luana ola!