Tuesday, December 15, 2015

25 Days of Blogging- Day 15: Holiday Weight Gain

Hi Friends!  We have officially gotten through 14 days of festivities that occur around the globe!  In case you missed one (or want to read through them again), this link will take you back to Day 2, for the first festival!  Let me know if you try any of the recipes shared thus far as well!!

Now, onto today’s topic:  Holiday Weight Gain.   

It is old news, really.  Many people go through the holidays eating loads of “special occasion” foods that tend to be not-so-good for our health or waistline.  Years ago, I followed this same path.  I would splurge on all of the desserts that I loved (I could honestly make a meal out of sweets if I thought it were healthy).  I would also feel uncomfortable that evening and a few days thereafter as my body worked in overdrive to clear out my blood and absorb the miniscule amount of nutrients it could find.  Now-a-days, it is a much different story...

 I have learned how to enjoy myself, feel good, and eat until I am satisfied!  Sounds too good to be true right?  Well, from my experience it is not.  But, you do have to love foods that love you back, and that can take some time if your taste buds are used to over-salted or over-sweetened, over-processed foods.  

 My number one tip to avoiding holiday weight gain: eat the whole plant foods in abundance first.  Then, if you are still craving some not-so-healthy treats (after your stomach is full of all the fiber and water from the healthy foods), go for it.  After eating like this for a few days or weeks, you may notice that you naturally begin to reach for those fresh whole foods instead of the other foods. 

 Now, since it is the holidays, be sure to enjoy yourself and don’t let a little thing like food get in the way of spending precious time with your family and friends.  The holidays can be stressful or blissful; it is all about how you view it and how you change your perception to see the bright side in all situations.