Wednesday, December 16, 2015

25 Days of blogging- Day 16: A Toast to Health

Hi Friends!   

Today’s post is both a recipe and a bit of history!  I am really excited about this because I had heard about this recipe years ago, but never really knew if it were as beneficial and delicious as I had heard about.   

Well, I am here today to share with you this delicious and healthy tea that you can make out of something in your own back yard! Unless you live in a warm climate, then it may be a bit more difficult for you…  Prepare this tea with caution though.  As with all herbal remedies and teas, be sure to check with your doctor or dietitian (I would love to help!) to make sure that this tea is safe for you to consume (I am referring to interactions with medications you may be taking or if you are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant).

Now, there are many claims out there saying Pine Needle tea can cure basically anything, but one thing is for certain; pine needle tea is very high in vitamin C!  This is great news because during the winter months in the north, fresh produce (where an abundance of vit. C lives) is not so good.  Research on vitamin C is still on the fence about whether or not this vitamin plays a role in preventing colds, but it is for certain that vitamin C plays a role collagen formation (meaning healthy skin and tissues) as well as protein metabolism and a strong antioxidant.  If you don’t already know, antioxidants are what protect us from things like pollution and boosts our immune system.
Pine needles have been consumed in native cultures for thousands of years, making it quite difficult to spot the fact from the fiction in terms of health claims.  Either way, this is quite a tasty and comforting cup of tea; making it perfect for winter time and holidays!  Check out this article for more information.

Now on to the recipe!