Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring Break

I know, I know...

I've been slacking on my posting...

Well, it is all in good fun because I have finished my website (Check it out here!) and I am now beginning to work on a nutrition plan for Luana Ola.  It is in a brand new stage, conception if you will, and will take some time to master.  I got this idea from Tone It Up.  I have been following their facebook page and browsing their website for about a year now.  They have very good information and really understand the principles of being healthy.  Since I love this idea so much, I have decided to begin something similar, except include what I know from my own background in yoga, nutrition, athletics, and exercise physiology!  I would definitely love to share this opportunity with you all, so please email me if you may be interested in helping me get this thing going.

In other news, Andrew and I both had this week off and have gotten so much work done with our businesses!  We also got a lot of fun things done too, like ice skating and playing in the snow!!

Remember, although the weather may be cold, you can still have fun outside!

Luana ola!