Monday, March 11, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Soup

Yesterday evening, Andrew and I went to a holistic health expo to support my yoga friend, Jody and her business Essential Artifacts.  The expo was hustling and bustling with vendors ranging from Juice Plus, to spine health, to essential oils!  Amazing!

Sadly, I walked away without a purchase, but I learned a lot!

On the way home, the roads were foggy and rainy.  Yuck!

In honor of the holiday coming up and the cool, wet weather, what better to make for dinner that Irish potato soup?!  I listed the ingredients I used below, but did not measure anything so you can use each to your taste:

  • white potatoes
  • carrot
  • onion
  • garlic
  • ginger
  • celery
  • vegetable broth
  • peas, frozen, thawed
  • oregano
  • parsley
  • salt
  • pepper
    • Cook all the ingredients, except peas, until the potatoes are soft.  Add the peas and process or blend half of the soup until smooth, then add the remaining ingredients for some texture.
Look at this beautiful, healthy, and festive green soup!!!

Luana ola!