Sunday, November 18, 2012

Vegan Challenge: Day 7

Well, I have officially made it one week into my cruelty-free way of eating!It has been much more simple than I had imagined, but I am beginning to see the challenges that lie ahead:

1.  This morning, we went out to breakfast with some friends.  At first, I was really nervous because all I saw on the menu was fruit, toast, or oatmeal. I was even more nervous because I didn't know if their oats were made with milk...luckily, they only had water!  So, low and behold I got a nice nourishing bowl of creamy oats (without the dairy). MMM
2. This afternoon, we went to an Eagle Scout ceremony for one of Andrew's friends.  I didn't know that they would be having food and got nervous when I saw the covered pans before the ceremony. Note: I really need to learn to have more faith in people, because they had a salad and an amazingly good pasta dish with tomato sauce (cheese was optional and on the side!).
3. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and temptation will be everywhere!  Luckily, I am bringing a few scrumptious dishes of my own, but I know my family will question me.  I just have to remain strong and remember why I am doing this challenge...for all of those animals whose lives are either taken or tortured for our enjoyment of the foods they bring us (which is completely unnecessary, by the way).

That being said, here is a cute video of some of the pigs on a farm that was right next to the nature center where we had the eagle ceremony!

Luana ola!