Friday, November 9, 2012

Food 101: Potatoes!

In the past, potatoes have gotten a bad rap for thier high starch content and "lack of nutrients".  Now, it's time to put those theories to rest!

First of all, yes potatoes are high in starch.  This starch is a good binder as fiber and helps your digestive system function properly.  No matter what type of potato (white, red, blue, etc.) it is a natural replacement for other refined starches like pasta and bread.  When it comes to filler foods (i.e. things that are more calorie dense than greens and other veggies), I like to go for the most natural.  Breads and pastas are great!  Heck, I'm always happy with a piece of any type of bread!  But, from a nutritional standpoint, I like to lean towards potatoes and plantains for nature's starch.  Think about it, before ovens we didn't bake bread...we ate tubers!

Second, potatoes are FAR from lacking in nutrients.  They are an excellent source of insoluble fiber and have lots of vitamin C and potassium.  Both of these vitamins (and fiber) are seriously lacking in the American diet, if you ask me.  Also, the colorful potatoes, like sweet and blue, have additional vitamins/nutrients that give them those hues; so eat up! One important thing to remember is to keep the skin on when you cook/eat it because the skin holds many nutrients as well.

Here are some of my favorite ways to eat potatoes:
  • baked
  • mashed
  • pureed in soups
  • sliced and baked with garlic and olive oil
  • as a topping for savory pies
  • in salads
  • as pancakes
Because potatoes have such a mild flavor, they can really be added/used in almost any style.

What is your favorite recipe/way to eat potatoes?

Luana ola!