Saturday, November 17, 2012

Vegan Challenge: Day 6

I had another wonderful morning of yoga training at Thrive/Essencia!  Here is a picture of the studio!
After a bout of conversation and lessons, we had 4 students join us for class.  I learn so much every time I am there and love how refreshed and renewed I feel afterwards.  I have been an athlete my whole life and have always thought that I wasn't getting a good enough workout unless I was sweating hard, heart racing, and competitive.  After beginning to learn more about the depths of yoga (and I have A LOT more to learn), I have come to realize that the body does not need to be put through crazy workouts in order to feel great and be healthy.  I feel more calm, at ease, and free spirited than when I played volleyball or worked-out in a gym.  After being in the gym, I always felt pumped up, adrenaline going, and powerful.  Yoga is already leading me to a new inner strength that I have never felt before; and I love it!  I am getting rid of my gym membership and focusing on yoga for the time being.  Now, when it gets warmer out again, I will definitely be taking up running and biking again, but winter is a time in which Mother Nature winds down, and blankets all of her goodness with a white covering.  This is a time to reflect and learn about who I am, and what I want to be.  Yoga will keep me strong and flexible until nature says she is ready to bring back the light and encourages me to get outside to enjoy her bounty.

As for my vegan challenge, things are still going great!  I ran into a bit of a bump tonight for dinner, though because we decided to go to Mariano's.  For those of you who don't know, Marioano's is a wonderful store that just opened up this past fall by our house.  It is full of great produce and has a big dining area full of soups, sandwiches, and of course a beautiful salad bar.  Since I adore soup, I thought I'd check out what they had to offer.  Well, their vegetarian selection was quite impressive:  chili, minestrone, tomato basil, garden vegetable, and even a butternut squash soup!  Well, as you can imagine, I was super excited...until I read the ingredients...all of them had milk!  What a bummer; but on the bright side, I had a beautiful salad filled with kale, spinach, peppers, mushrooms, olives, beets, and broccoli.  Delicious!  I just wish more places were vegan-friendly...

Well, I am already about a week into this challenge and I feel great.  I truly think that I am getting great support through yoga and my family (and my readers of course!!) So, I leave you with the question of the day:
Do you know any good vegan Thanksgiving recipes for desert?  I am thinking something other than pie/cookies/etc.  A little more non-traditional, if you will?

Luana ola!