Monday, November 12, 2012

Product Review Part 2

I had the coconut butter, cashew butter, and cocoa bliss to finish of the wonderful abundance of Artisana nut butters.  I apologize for not having any pictures, so if you forgot what the packages look like, take a look at this post.

Coconut butter/Cacao Bliss:
    The reason that I lumped these two together is because they are both coconut butter; cacao bliss is coconut butter mixed with chocolate!  Now, I have to admit that although I am a total fan of coconut oil, the butter is too much coconut for me.  Coconut butter is ground up coconut flesh and tends to have a bit of a dry texture, even after its been melted.  That being said, cacao bliss tasted just like a Mounds candy bar (but obviously way more healthy!).  So, although I personally did not care for it, my mom (who adores all things coconut) absolutely loved it and even brought some to work with her to share!  So, for you coconut lovers out there, Artisana has some great products!

Cashew butter:
     At first, I was not sure what to expect because the color is very pale and it looks really gooey (like paste, sort of).  But one bite had my mind blown!  Now I know why they use it as a bast for so many other nut butters.  The texture of this stuff is outstanding.  It is velvety smooth with just a hint of cashew-flavor.  The mild flavor of this nut is great for recipes, especially when making "creamed" anything vegan!

So, I must say, keep up the great work Artisana!  You really know what you are doing.  I have only one request/ you think you will ever add seed butters (like pumpkin or sunflower) to your list of products?

Have you tried any of these products?  If so, or if you have a nut/seed butter that you love, I'd love to hear what you have to say!

Luana ola!