Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Yesterday, I went into a health food store called Earthly Goods.  It is this cute little store in Gurnee, IL where I used to always go to find specialty items that could not be found at a regular grocery store.  The best part is that they had added a juice/smoothie bar since the last time I was there!  I have been getting really into juicing/green smoothies lately so you can imagine how excited I was to try their drinks.  Considering I have never had a wheatgrass shot before, something came over me that begged me to get one.

It came with an apple juice chaser!

Sadly, this little guy cost me $2.99!!!!  The good news is that after some research, I have come to find that it is very easy to grow your own wheat grass and costs practically nothing!  On top of that, there are some AMAZING health benefits!  SO...here we go...

  • Wheatgrass is loaded with enzymes.  These enzymes help your body to quickly repair itself and can actually increase your lifespan by 20% or more!  Many people do not get enough enzymes, though, because they are broken down at temperatures above 106 degrees F.  This means that all cooked foods have minuscule amounts.  Eating raw vegetables and fruits and drinking wheatgrass is the best way to get these life-enhancing enzymes into your body.
  • Amino acids are another product that wheatgrass is loaded with.  They are the building block of protein.  Amino acid = protein = muscles/tendons/organs/glans/hair/nails.  As you can see, amino acids play a very important role in our bodies.  With being a vegetarian, I have to make sure that I get all of the 8 essential amino acids (aa) by grouping foods a certain way and eating a variety of foods.  Meat, fish, and eggs are the main foods that contain all 8 aa.  Whole grains carry 5/8 aa and beans or legumes carry the other 3/8 aa so it is essential that I consume both of those products every day to ensure balance.  Wheatgrass actually carries all 8!!!
  • Chlorophyll makes up 70% of wheatgrass and is considered green "life blood".  Chlorophyll is actually said to stimulate tissue growth and cell regeneration.  Fun facts follow:
    • The pulp leftover from juicing wheatgrass can actually be applied topically to tighten older skin and give it a glow.
    • It is anti-radiation and anti-inflammatory
    • It helps with mental depression because chlorophyll is the first product of light, which means that it contains light information and energy
    • It can improve varicose veins and skin disorders
    • Contains vitamin B12, folic acid, and iron; which all help in curing anemia and other blood disorders
    • Shortens recovery time after a workout
    • It suppresses appetite.  One glass of juice is a meal replacement because it is a complete food! Wheatgrass juice contains almost all 102 known elements, which sends a signal to your brain that you are full because you have met all the necessary vitamin/mineral requirements!
    • It is a natural water purifier (that will be another post later)
    • Helps the body to maintain homeostasis

What is wheatgrass?  Wheatgrass is sprouted wheat kernels!

Next post:  Growing your own vs buying it pre-juiced (cost analysis)

Luana ola!