Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weekend Trip

We took a nice vacation to northern Illinois, where we stayed with my parents (in their house) and walked around our forest preserve.  (I know, not technically a vacation, but it was nice to go back home for a bit).

The sun was out, the grass was beginning to turn green, and we were together walking through the forest.  When I was younger, I would wander these woods by myself and "get lost" in the beauty of Mother Nature. I got so used to the paths that I would wander off the trails and find my way through unmarked territory.  These next couple of pictures are of "my spot".  It is a cute area that I found one day and love to go back to see how it has changed.  
 If you go here at 9AM or 5:30 PM, you can usually see deer!  The first time I saw one walking by, I froze.  It was probably 10 feet away from me!
 This little river freezes in the winter (it probably didn't during this past winter) and dries up in the summer, depending on how much rain we get. I was actually surprised to see such a pool and good stream!

 Mom and Dad!!

 If you can't tell yet, I love taking pictures of nature.  This was just a random stump covered in moss.  It was much more pretty in person.
 Andrew being Andrew :)

Luana ola!