Saturday, March 17, 2012


Yesterday was just as beautiful as every other day from the past week.  I woke up before dawn, drank a cup of vanilla coffee and watched the sun come up as I had my yummy breakfast of soy yogurt with chia seeds, strawberries, and asparagus on the side.  Lately, I have been trying to add at least one serving of vegetables to breakfast.  The body can never get enough of their vitamins and the fiber helps to keep me satisfied longer.  
Andrew got me this beautiful Asian dinner set from World Market for Christmas!
 The day was spent cleaning the house, enjoying the sun while reading, and going for a bike ride in the afternoon.  A girl could not ask for more!

I also made a fresh slaw with half of this purple cabbage from Whole Foods!  It consisted of cabbage, carrots, cider vinegar, olive oil, thyme, Hawaiian sea salt, garlic, onion flakes, and a little sprinkle of red pepper flakes.  (I would have added more, but the people that are eating it don't like things as spicy as I do!)
 While on my bike ride, I found a neighborhood that I have not explored yet.  There was a bike path and this was at the end of it!  I stood there for a few moments to take it all in.  It's no Hawaii, but it was still peaceful and the closest thing I can get to for now.
 After a healthy dinner of spinach and black bean salad, Andrew and his brother, Zak, watched Paranormal Activity 3.  Considering how much I love scary movies...ehem...I went downstairs to listen to Celtic music and do some crafting.  I made a little hairpin for spring (see image below), 2 friendship bracelets (haven't made those in years!!!), and a Renaissance hairpiece (pictures to show you how it's done in the next post).

I had a very productive, fun, and relaxing day and I hope you did too!  Happy Saint Patrick's Day to every one and I'll be posting about the birthday/St.Patty's Day party tomorrow morning!

Luana ola!