Sunday, October 14, 2012

Yoga and Food

In terms of the many articles that I read about yoga, I am very new to its concept.  I began practicing yoga just over 2 years ago and  have only attended one official practice session.  I do most of my yoga at home and it is based off asanas and routines I find online, especially from Yoga Journal.  As of this past summer, I found a yoga studio that offers teacher training for a pretty decent cost.  Since I have been so busy with Goebbert's and school, getting certified has been on the back burner, that is until recently...

I noticed that after October, my time at Goebberts will be over :(  I will be working on mostly school but this might be a good time to begin a new journey.  I have found a passion for yoga and am really wanting to become certified so I can spread my love of movement and health/nutrition. Pretty cool, eh?

I am also reading a book about yoga right now (actually, I was reading it just now, which prompted this post).  The part that stuck out to me in this book was about mindful eating and there are a couple topics I want to address in this post that I even have trouble with:
1. Make the bulk of your food intake during the day.
        I tend to have a really hard time getting in enough calories during the day because I am too frugal to buy lunch at school (so I bring my own) and I have class throughout the entire afternoon (no time to eat...).  I have found a couple different ways to sneak in meals because my teachers will not allow food during class.  If so inclined, I bring a protein shake with me, but sometimes I am just not in the mood for them. Second, I munch on nuts/fruit/veggies during the 10 minutes I have between classes.  Now, I know that is no where near mindful eating, but I feel that it is more important to keep my energy levels up and be mindful during breakfast and dinner.  Do what you have to do.
2. Be aware of habitual eating
     Do you eat in front of the TV?  When you're bored, stressed, or tired?  I know I do!  Especially when I'm, stressed.  My goal for myself is to try to practice yoga or meditation the next time I get too stressed and want to eat junk food.
3. Make time to enjoy your food
     Make it from scratch (when you have the time) and sit down with those you love and enjoy it.  Take at least 20 minutes to eat each meal.  This will help you to enjoy each bite and morsel of food.
4. Don't deny yourself foods you love
     Everything in moderation is good for you and your soul.  Eat the foods you love, but fill up on wholesome and healthy foods first.  This will ensure that you are getting enough nutrients and you will then be more aware of your craving as to whether it is because you really want it or if you are just bored.

Luana ola!