Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wedding Wednesday: Winter Bride Nutrition

Well hello there!

In the past, I have shown you some of the information contained in my Winter Bride Guide.  Just so you know, this is a guide that I go over with all of my Bridal clients (catered to each season) as an overview to some of the things we might discuss during a nutrition consultation session.  The picture below is a nice summary of a broad checklist we would cover as well:

My #1 Wedding Tip!!:

My biggest tip here is to stay as relaxed as you can and delegate as much of the work as you can.  Stress can do some crazy things to our bodies, so it is important to keep it at bay as much as possible (but don't stress over stressing too much!!)

If you or someone you know might be interested in shedding some pounds before the Wedding Day, or is interested in learning how to get a beautiful and healthful glow, please head over to my website and send me an email.  I am also running a special New Year's promotion in which I am giving    20% off nutrition packages from now until the end of February!