Monday, January 4, 2016

Mantra Monday: Sukhasana

Hi Friends!

For this New Year, I am going to continue writing regular posts!  Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday you'll be able to open your inbox and read about all things yoga, nutrition, and bridal.  To start things off right, let's get to the first post of 2016!!

Each culture has its own time for celebrating the New Year.  January first marks the beginning of the year for many countries (although I feel spring is a better time for me personally but more on that in March...)

If you are one of the many people who sets up a resolution for each year, but that resolution somehow seems to disappear in a couple months, you are not alone!  This year, I would like to encourage you to take a different approach to a goal (specifically if it is health-related).

So, let's begin with a mantra.  A mantra is a word or phrase that you repeat over and over to yourself.  It can be inspirational, soothing, energizing; really whatever you need for the time being.  I am no guru, but each Monday, I will be offering mantras that I use along with a yoga pose to help guide you through the world of yoga.

Today's Mantra:  New Year, New Me.

This is for you to realize that your past does not have to define you, it simply shapes who you are.  Take this new year and use it to become a better and more developed YOU.  This can mean different things for different people, but as long as you always keep an eye open for new opportunities of growth, you will be on a perfect path towards greater health.  If you have mala beads, this is a prime opportunity to use them!

Today's Yoga Pose:  Sukhasana (Easy Pose)

Simply sit in a comfortable position and breathe.  Take deep breaths and sit in stillness.  This pose is wonderful for the new year as it allows you to feel every inch of your body and mind.  Notice the way you feel.  Are you comfortable?  Do you feel any aching muscles?  Is it hard to stay seated?  Do your thoughts tend to wander or start making lists?  Any and all of these (and more) reactions are 100% normal.  The object of this pose is to be able to sit with them and deal with them.  Soak it all in, each feeling that you have and say your mantra.