Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 8

Hey everyone!  It's day 8 of the challenege!  I can't believe how time flies.

I have to be honest with you though, I had some serious cravings for cooked food this morning.  I did have some coffee, not for the caffeine, but the warmth and bold taste.  It's so strange how the weather plays with our emotions and food preferences.  It's about 60 degrees and raining...still!!  I am so ready for "real" summer weather to come, you know, 80s-90s sunny and warm!!  Oh well, maybe this weather is for all of our plants to grow big and healthy because if you were in this area this time last year, it was a nasty drout.

Anyways, on to breakfast...watermelon and coffee (with a bite or two of Andrew's pancake...he was going to throw it away and I couldn't resist!!)

Lunch was a blur...mish mosh of dried fruit/veggies...I was feeling pretty blue up until about 2pm.  I blame it on the weather because when I got to Essencia, the sun was out and I was happy!  It could also be because I was surrounded with love and happiness from Jeannine and her beautiful new studio!

I taught my first class in the studio at 4pm and then stayed for the 6pm class, taught by Jeannine.  It was really cool because there was a woman in the class who was 32 weeks pregnant, so I got so see some prenatal yoga/modifications for the belly!

It's 8:30pm and I just got back home to settle in for the evening.  After 4 small apples, some watermelon, and pecans, my belly is full and happy!

I hope you will come visit me at Essencia!

Luana ola!