Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hot Hot Hot!

To kickstart this fine hot Sunday, Andrew and I rode our bikes to the Caribou Coffee and did some reading while sipping on something hot. After awhile, we rode to the park to sit in the sun and watch the ducks in the pond. We then rode home really quick to grab some bread for the geese and ducks. When we got back to the pond/park, the birds were all over us while we snapped a few pictures.

 It was then around 11:30, so we headed home and grabbed a bite to eat while we watched out new obsession..."Once Upon a Time". I absolutely LOVE that show and we are both completely addicted. We are only on episode 5, but I am already hooked and want to watch it all the time. The problem, though, is that it is 45 minutes long; compared to the 15 minutes of The Big Bang Theory (which is still another favorite of mine). To add to our already busy day, we decided to go to the store to buy Gus a new shelter. We found a cute little wooden dome that she seems to like, and bought a little fake sea turtle to keep in her tank as a little decoration for her :) Finally, last year we decided that during the following summer we would make her an outdoor shelter so that she could be with us and enjoy the natural outside.

 Considering that it is practically summer (with this hot and humid weather we are having, it feels like July), Andrew pulled a few 2 X 4s out of the garage, nailed them together, and built a little box to keep in the yard for her. She's an adventurer so I'm not sure if she likes being closed in a box (although the box only has 4 sides; we kept the bottom and top open), but she seemed to like being able to be in the grass and sun with us.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, again, but I took them all on my iPad and I have not been able to figure out how to transfer them.  Anyone know how to do this?

Luana ola!