Monday, May 7, 2012

Energy and Digestion

After a nice long walk, I sat down to my computer to go through emails.  Upon reading through some of my favorites, I found a really good article from Yoga Journal.  I am so happy that I subscribe to this magazine because it gives great tips and information about all things yoga and healthy living; from nutrition, to yoga practice, to meditation, and even controlling emotions.

According to many health articles that I have read, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is said to be so because your body has been fasting all night and needs to be refueled to help you carry on throughout the morning.  This article makes a good case as to why lunch may be the most important meal of the day.  Your metabolism is much like a fire; it needs to be monitored with little bits of fuel added consistently so that the fire remains strong.  If too much fuel is added too quickly, the fire might be put out.  It is important to get a good breakfast to get your body going, but it is a proven fact that many Americans skip lunch or eat a very light lunch.  By the time you are half way through the day, breakfast has been burnt up and your body needs refueling to finish out the day.  When you eat a very light meal, or no meal at all, many times you compensate by munching on sugary snacks or sipping caffeinated beverages to keep pushing on.  By the time you get home for dinner, you are so hungry that you eat a whole lot of food to feel satisfied and full; ultimately overeating and feeling bloated before going to bed.  By night time, your body is ready to relax and repair for the next day; it does not need to be spending precious energy on burning up that large meal you just ate.

I'll be honest, I am definitely known for having a lite lunch and eating a little too much for dinner sometimes, but I think that this perspective has opened my eyes even more to healthy living; it just makes sense.  Why would I want to give my body all of this fuel right before I go to sleep?  Why not fuel myself more during the hours that I am using my body the most?

On another completely random note, I tried on my Ssekos today and practiced two different ways to tie them!  The $50 that they cost were completely worth it because the money goes to young women in Africa trying to pay their way through college.  Buy some for yourself or a girlfriend and let me know what you think!

Now, remember to take a couple minutes (5-10) after you mindfully eat your meals to meditate and relax before jumping back into your routine.  This will help with digestion and help you to feel more relaxed and rested.

Luana ola!