Monday, April 29, 2013

21 Day Cleanse

I am so excited to share with you a wonderful weekend recap and some info about a cleanse I will be starting up soon!

First things first, this past weekend:

  1. Friday I had a really fun Jazzersize experience with Andrew's mom.  It was a "beach body" theme and the focus of each routine was on the lower half of the body.  I have been to Jazz before and have found it fun, but not super challenging...this class was not the same!  My legs were burning so bad and I was sweating like a crazy person only 30 min into the hour long class!  I'd say it was a great workout, and super fun!  
  2. Saturday I taught my Vinyasa class at Xsport and did some grocery shopping at Costco before going on a cute picnic with Andrew in the afternoon.  We ended up going to the forest preserve to play a little Frisbee before laying out on our yoga mats to do some reading (both of us have exams coming up...).  Then, after I took a short nap, we got some vegan Gelato before heading home for dinner and a movie. 
  3. Sunday was so much fun!  Andrew and I did the March for Babies in Elk Grove in the morning.   It was a beautiful 3 mile walk and we got free coffee, and bagels!  After the walk, I drove straight to Essencia's studio to meet up with my fellow yogis and give a short presentation on Ayurveda (post about that coming soon).  All of the girls were so much fun and we had a blast sharing information and eating a bounty of delicious raw foods!
Now for the cleanse:
I will be starting a 21 day green smoothie cleanse with 6 other people.  I won't get into too many details, yet, but I will say that I am super excited to be eating a diet made completely from plants!  100% raw vegan for 21 days!

Cleansing can be a scary adventure if you are unaware of how to go about it, or have no one to do it with. 
Spring is officially in the air, so take some deep Ujjayi breaths of fresh air and give your body what it wants and needs :)

Luana ola!