Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cleanse Week 1

Day 1:  I feel really good!  It helps that the sun is out and it's actually warm (81*!!!), though.  I can already tell that this raw food cleanse is going to feel so great to my body and mind.  Today I had lemon water, cleansing juice, and a green smoothie for breakfast.  Lunch was a delicious vegan Caesar salad, I had a bunch of fruit for a snack, and a bed of lettuce topped with raw, vegan chili!  The latter just happened to be my favorite meal of the day!!  Once I am don ewith this cleanse, I will definitely be putting this on the usual meal list!!   It's a little difficult getting the meals from the people that are doing this with me, but I think all the kinks will be worked out perfectly after these first few days.

Day 2: Amazing difference today...I still have lots of energy, but a different type of energy.  The type of energy I feel today is more like an awareness, it is a peaceful energy, and I feel very focused and centered.  I have had a couple detoxing symptoms including a slight headache, tired body, and these little bumps appeared on the back of my hands.  The funnny thing about the symptoms, though, is they make me feel really good because I know they are a good sign!  Still loving the food, and have been getting cold, so warm tea has definitely been a regular part of my evenings.

Day 3: I was so tired this morning!  It is definitely due to the detoxing process, but man it wiped me out.   Luckily, I had very little going on, so I was able to do some computer work and take a nap as needed.  I was also very hungry and I finished my breakfast, snack, and lunch by 11am.  When I finally got full enough to regain some enery, it was nearing 2pm.  I did a bit of yoga and kept resting just to make sure.  By the time evening came, I was ready for my dinner and a snack later that evening as well.  Maybe the hunger had more to do with needing to drink water/tea?  Although I've been drinking a lot...anyways, I can't believe how fast this cleanse is going by.  Day 3 down!

Day 4:
I had so much energy today!  I slept so soundly last night and woke up nice and hungry.  After drinking my morning juice and smoothie, I had enough energy to carry me through a 6 mile bike ride and teach a vinyasa yoga class.  I felt good all throughout the day and my hunger has finally been calmed.  I felt completely satisfied with the 5 meals offered.  The little bumps on my hands are still there.

Day 5:
Wahoo!  This energy from raw foods is amazing!  The bumps on my hands are slowly going away too!  I did a 7 mile bike ride, but the best part is that my muscles recovered very quickly and I was up for a shorter bike ride/walk with Andrew in the afternoon.  Here's to health and happy Cinco de Mayo!

Day 6:
 Still loads of energy! Feeling great!

Day 7:
I can't believe it's been a week already.  Prepping only once a week sure has its purks, but the time that goes into that one day is about 2-3 hours.  But overall, it's not bad considering all you have to focus on (in terms of food) for the other 6 days is just getting it and eating!  So amazing.  I've lost about 5 pounds already too!

Can't wait to see whats in store these next 2 weeks...I'll keep you posted, so be sure to come visit me this time next week :)

Luana ola!