Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cleanse Week 2

Day 8:
This week, we have cut down to one "chewing-required meal" (aka salad).  This means 2 juices, 2 smoothies, and a fruit meal plus a salad.  I still can't believe how much food I am eating!  It fills me up and I feel so good.

Day 9:
I am starting to get tired of all this drinking...smoothies that is.   The juices are great, but the texture and taste of some of the smoothies is starting to get to me (hang in there self, one more week!).  I do love smoothies,  but I really enjoy crunch and texture in my food.

Day 10:
Some of the other cleansers and I were talking about what we are going to do after the cleanse is over.  Andrew (who is not cleansing) said we should go to a buffet and load up!  I replied, "ha! I don't think so.  After what I went through the first couple of days in detox, I'm not going to waste it and fill up on more toxins".  So, I came to the conclusion that I will continue to eat mostly raw.  I'm thinking 70-80% to start off with and see how it goes.  It is so convenient to have my meals made for me 6 days of the week that I need to make sure my skills of raw foods are in a secure place before taking another big leap.  By the way, this was a VERY big leap for me!  I'll tell you all about it in my final post of the cleanse :)

Day 11:
2 people dropped the cleanse due to having too much to do.  I fully respect these two people because they did such a good job the first week and have such busy lives that it became one more thing on their already over-booked schedule.  Therefore, for 2 days out of the week, the other 5 of us are making our own food.  It worked out perfectly for me because the driving 30 min 2 times each day was getting exhausting!  So for today, and tomorrow (Mother's Day), I get to make my own 2 smoothies, 2 juices, and salad.  Speaking of salads, there is an AMAZING raw vegan caesar dressing that I have been thoroughly enjoying.  As always, I have found some wonderful modifications to appeal to all people and of course, less expensive (i.e. the recipe called for Macadamia and pine nuts, 2 of the most expensive nuts out there, so I found a lovely alternative).  I will be sharing these recipes with you all at the end of the cleanse!

Day 12:
A Happy Mothers Day to all women (mother or not!).  I did go a little off the cleanse today just because we had bought tickets to the Zoo, which included brunch for Mother's Day.  We did this way before the cleanse got started, so I kept to the plan slightly, but enjoyed plenty of vegetables, fruits, and of course a few sweets.  It all tasted great going down, but the rest of the day I felt sluggish and tired due to all the heavy food. That, and I might have eaten too much...;)  But you know what, I don't feel guilty because it is okay to enjoy and have decadent food every now and then. The important thing is that I listened to my body for when it was time to stop, and I still have one more week on the cleanse!  Happy Cleansing!
Day 13:
Today is my day to prep for everyone.  I will be running around like a crazy person, collecting jars, buying groceries, and making food for the other 4 ladies!  After my juice this morning, I already feel more clean and light even after yesterday's food.
Day 14:
Wow! 2 weeks down and 1 to go.  I am absolutely LOVING the way that I feel while eating raw.  The day after Mother's Day, I was really lethargic, moody, and tired.  It is so amazing how our bodies respond to food.  My body definitely knew that all those sweets and cooked foods were "dead" and offered me no life.  As soon as I got back to eating raw, my energy has shot back up and I am as happy as a clam once again! (Any one know the origins of that phrase, because I use it all the time and have no idea what it means or why we say it, I just know when to use it!)

Luana ola!