Thursday, April 25, 2013

You Are Beautiful, Part 2

Did anyone do the challenge I sent out last week?  If not, check it out here!!

This past week, I have personally been able to see more beauty in life.  Despite the rapid weather changes surrounding the Midwest and the craziness going on around the globe, I have been trying harder than ever to see the light.  It is during these times, when there is darkness, that we need to find inner beauty and light to share with the world! So please share your experiences in the comments below.

As for a quick update on my life, a lot has been going on so this will be a big list of wonderful things that are beginning and ending:

1. Next week is finals week to end my first year in post-bac program to become an RD

2. I'm going to a fun workout this Friday with Andrew's mom.  It is going to be Zumba-like, but not officially "zumba"

3. Saturday will be my second time teaching yoga at Xsport!  Last week went well, but I was so nervous that I was shaking for the first half!  Now that I know what to expect and I have talked to my teacher as well as some friends, I think I will be much more confident and calm.

4. Sunday will be the opening of Essencia's brand new studio!  I will be hosting an Ayurveda workshop and we will be practicing yoga and sharing delicious raw, vegan foods!  Ahh I can't wait!!!

5. I will be starting a Raw Vegan Smoothie/Juice cleanse with some yoga friends soon and am also super excited about that!

Wow, that's a lot of excitement happening this week!  For being such a stressful week that just past, it is just what I need.  Isn't it amazing how nature just balances itself out?  It seems like whenever you have a bad day/week/time there is always something good that comes into your life at the end to make it all worth while. If you are going through a tough time right now during this change of seasons, hang on tight, talk to a friend, and drink some herbal tea because it will pass soon and a whole new beautiful world will be waiting for your beautiful self!

Luana ola!