Monday, April 15, 2013

You Are Beautiful

After watching this video by Dove soap, I am in tears from how true and how beautiful this video was.

It is so true that we are all our worst critic.  We find every little "flaw" in ourselves.  I put flaw in quotes, because these things we think are flaws are characteristics/personality/unique traits that no one else in the world has exactly like us! Beauty is so much more than skin deep.   Embrace what you feel is a flaw and see yourself how the world sees you; you are that beautiful!

Here's a quick thing I would like each of you to do this week.  Take 5 minutes at some point during the week and describe your face.  Just your face.  Try to write it down in great detail; freckles, moles, jaw line, etc.with detailed description.  Basically, if you notice it about yourself, jot it down, but don't look in a mirror.  Then, have someone who knows what you look like fairly well do the same thing.  When they are done, read both of the descriptions out loud and notice the difference!  I can almost guarantee that your friend/spouse/other will put so much more beauty into your face than you give yourself credit for.

Finally, leave a comment with how you felt after reading the results.  I am trying to show women and men alike that they are more beautiful than they think, so please help me out :)

I'll be posting my results next Monday in a follow-up post.

Note:  When typing in "beauty" in google images, the only pictures that appear are of faces and models...I sense something wrong here...Check out Healthy Tipping Point for more amazing inspiration!  And come back to see me for updates!

Luana ola!