Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wild and Tasty

As you may know (if not, I am going to surprise you...), wild rice is not actually rice!  It is the seed of a grass, but it looks and cooks much like rice.  It has a sweeter taste and has a nice chewy bite when cooked properly.  Another cool thing about wild rice is the dark black color to them.  This black hue is crated by the phytonutrients (antioxidents) encased in this grain.  A good rule of thumb is typically, "the darker the whole food, the richer in antioxidents and phytonutrients that food is".

Now, you may be thinking, what's with the post on rice; that is not even rice?...  Well, that's what I had for breakfast this morning!
I actually had about a cup of this stuff, but I started eating and then remembered to take a picture :)  It is an equal combination of medium grain brown rice and wild rice.  I soaked 1 cup of the dry rice mixture for a few hours, then cooked it in 2 c of water.  Bring the whole thing up to a boil for 1 minute, then turn off the heat at let the rice soak up all the water.  Feel free to add any spices/herbs.  I then keep this rice in the fridge for a quick side dish to dinner or I heat it up for breakfast with a little stevia and cinnamon (which reminds me of the rice breakfast Mamaw used to make me when I stayed at her house; although she used cane sugar and white rice...).

Luana ola!