Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Check List

Man, now that I actually have a day off of work (still have class tonight), I can get some stuff done.  Here's my checklist for today:

  • finish exam review guide for micro- almost done
  • complete business exam
  • bike ride
  • write out recipes- 2 left
  • put laundry away
I absolutely LOVE having things to do!

Today's lunch was a whole bunch of broccoli (I had to finish the lot because it's starting to go bad...) and half of a baked potato topped with plain coco-yogurt.  The whole lot was sprinkled with red pepper flakes and garlic.  Oh, and that gloppy yellowish-brown mess is the best mustard I've ever had!  Organic stone ground with apple cider vinegar!

What's a fun recipe you've made recently?

Luana ola!