Thursday, June 7, 2012

30 Before 30

This is a list of some of the things that Andrew and I would like to do before we turn 30:

K- Publish 3 books: medieval cookbook, nutrition, living green
K/A- visit all 50 states together
K/A see a Galapagos tortoise
K- take a martial arts class
K-become a yoga instructor
K-Start and run a restaurant
K-Have over 50 followers on my blog
K- learn how to ferment foods (i.e. sourdough, yogurt, pickles, etc.)
K-learn how to cook Indian and Polynesian food
A-publish 3 books: finance, live simple "Simple living in a modern world" (write together), and avalanche
A-Harvard Masters in finance
A-Live in Hawaii
A- Visit Tahiti
A-Visit Seychelles
A-Scuba Dive
A-Be my own boss
A-On a closed course, drive 150 MPH.
A/K-Get married

Well, here is the list so is being added to every day and I would love some input from my readers! :)

Luana ola!