Friday, June 22, 2012

Fermented Love

After sipping a morning glass of cold ACF (apple cider vinegar) and water and going through blog posts, I remembered how much I LOVE fermented foods!





Practically anything with vinegar!

Now, most people do not like that tang that comes with vinegar, but I gobble it up.  Through a lot of my research, I have come to find that naturally fermented foods are some of the healthiest foods for your insides.  Why, you ask?  Well, fermentation comes from bacteria.  The little guys eat up the sugar and Carbon that is present in the food and sometimes create gas bubbles.  That being said, the yellow, extra crunchy, HFCS laden pickled foods at the grocery store are not what I am talking about.  Fermented foods are actually quite easy to make at home.  Once you do a little research and practice, you come to find that it is not a scary process and is actually quite fun!

So far, I have made my own dairy free yogurt (which I need to do again...) and pickles.  My next adventure is sauerkraut and kombucha.

Back to the fermentation process...when these bacteria grow, they become ingested and actually help to line your digestive tract and feed on the other foods you ingest; making digestion mush easier on your body and keeping your intestines clean!  The cool thing about being in a microbiology class right now is that I get to see the little guys working every day in lab!  Too bad I can't take pictures to post...oh well, off to eat the rest of my coco-yogurt for breakfast with flax meal and pineapple!!

What is your favorite fermented food?

Luana ola!