Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I tried my hand at sushi the other day and it turned out soooo good!  (well, not so pretty, but the taste was awesome!

Here it is!  Just a basic roll! (And I cheated a little by using this little device my aunt got me for Christmas):

Got this from The Olive Oil Place the day before I made the sushi.  New favorite place of mine!  We got this awesome olive oil mister and Pineapple vinegar!!!  (Hawaii anyone?!)
 I chopped some snow peas and sweet peppers to put inside.
 Sushi rice = short grain brown rice + 2 T rice vinegar + 1 T sugar + 1/2 t salt:
 Mixed some wasabi on the side!!
 Sorry for the bad picture, but just load 1/2 C sushi rice on each side of the press...
 Fill with your ingredients, close, and press onto a sheet of nori, then roll!
It's that easy!  I kind of missed the nori, but I made another one today and it turned out beautifully!

Luana ola!

Anyone have a favorite roll that I could try my hand at?