Friday, January 27, 2012

Soy Milk!

Had a delicious breakfast of toast with peanut butter!  I swear, I could eat this every day and never get tired of it!  Along side this amazing dish, I had a glass of our first ever home made soy milk!  This maker is one of the best investments I have made in a long time.  For $125, we got the maker (that can also make almond and rice milk) and 25 lb of non-GMO organic soy beans.
 You have to soak the soy beans for 4-6 hours (or over night) before adding them to the cooker.  This is the beans after 5 hours...plump and about doubled in size!

 Here is the maker and blender
 Just place the beans in the silver canister, twist on the blade/motor, and insert into the kettle.
 Press "milk" and wait about 15 minutes until the machine beeps and the light turns green!
 And presto!  Delicious soy milk!  Now, I will tell you that this milk tastes a lot different than the kind you get in the store because that stuff has preservatives and sweeteners added to it.  You could add these things to your milk, if you want, but in my opinion making fresh milk at home should stay as natural and fresh as possible :)
 Oh, and here's the leftover bean paste.  I did not want to throw this away because I am just not wasteful like that, so after a little research, I found that you can use this like you would use any other mashed bean:  in soups, in batter for quick breads, as added protein to shakes, and the list goes on.
Another interesting fact, is that soy does not have estrogen-like effects on the human body like we had believed!  A good article (with lots of scientific research) can explain it here.

Next up, Vegan recipe books so I can get some research done!

Luana ola!