Friday, September 28, 2012

Food Snob

I am one of those people who is just obsessed with food.  I use all of my senses when eating a meal or just browsing the grocery store.  Although I am a vegetarian, I like to think that I have a very open mind and admire all sorts of food-related lifestyles that people have.

I am a health nut and sometimes I can get carried away, but I never want to come across as a food snob.  Through a Facebook post today, I felt as though someone thought I was trying to push vegetarianism on them.  That is not the case at all!  I write this blog and post about what I have researched and found to be healthy to help those who are interested in food like I am.  I am not here to preach or to be one of those people who talk until they are blue in the face about why "you should be a save the animals!"  No way!  That is just not me in any way, shape or form.

Please, if I come across this way to any one, let me know so I can reword my thoughts.  My goal in life is to spread the word about healthy eating and living, not to turn people away by forcing a lifestyle on them.

Life is about living the way that you feel most healthy and at your best.  Who am I to say what one can and can not eat?  Only I can make those decisions for myself, I can not make them for anyone else.  The information I post about is just information that I have found interesting and beneficial for myself, and would like to share with other people.  I don't want to offend anyone, so please let me know if I ever come across this way.

Enjoy your weekend!  A fun post about my new job will be coming early next week.

Luana ola!