Saturday, September 15, 2012

Yoga in the Sun

Since I didn't get to practice yesterday, I woke up early to do a few sun salutations and a really good routine from Yoga Journal's 21 day Fitness Challenge!!

Yesterday's agenda: class, pick up a part for Uncle Larry at Ripley Automotive, hang out with parents, come home and make dinner, bike ride with Andrew, watch Smallville, relax and browse the internet.  Whew, that even took a lot of brain power to think about and write.  I put too many things into my daily life sometimes...

So, today ended up being a very relaxing day with a lot of studying and being outside.  I got to roam the yard and pick apples from the tree.  I really wish I knew what type they are, but no one knows.  They start off green, and turn red as the season continues.  They are great for baking/cooking and have a nice sweet flavor with a little tart and are crisp and juicy.

 We also gave Gus a bath and rubbed a mixture of Coconut and Sunflower oils on her shell.  Through research, we found that when a tortoise's shell is looking dry, you can rub it with some oil to help keep it soft.  We did look into buying "turtle wax", but when I read the ingredients, I noticed that it was just a mixture of a bunch of different oils.  Being the crafty and frugal person I am, I decided to mix together a couple oils from home.  I know that sunflower is good and I used the coconut to made it solid so the application was easier.  Note:  after melting the coconut oil and mixing it with sunflower, the mixture did not come to a solid form even after putting the mixture in the freezer for a couple minutes.

 Agenda for the rest of the day:  study, read, Whole Foods for dinner, and hopefully another post about this great book that I just finished reading!

Luana ola!