Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My top 4 restaurants in North Carolina/Tennessee

Hi friends!

We're back from our week-long honeymoon in North Carolina!  We definitely had our fair share of eating out at restaurants; something we usually limit to once a week.  But it was our honeymoon after all, so we indulged with mindfulness.  Check out this post to see what I mean.

So, without further adieu, and in no particular order, here are some of the amazing places we ate at:

The Stable Cafe at Biltmore Home and Gardens, Asheville, NC

This, by far, was my favorite meal of the trip.  Not only were we dining in the refurbished stables at Biltmore, but the majority of the produce on our plates was grown right there in the gardens!  Let me tell you, this was probably our most expensive meal (although it was included in our hotel and ticket package, so we paid nothing while in the stable), but you could totally taste the difference from any other restaurant.  The first picture is Andrew's black bean tempeh wrap with mustard potato salad, and the bottom two are my tea and quinoa arugula salad with roasted chick peas.  So yummy!  If you are in Asheville, you'd better be seeing Biltmore, and make sure to try out the Stable Cafe, it's just to the right of the house.

 Rocky Mountain Brewery, Gatlinburg, TN
Sadly, there were not to many veg-friendly options here, but they did have a good veggie burger, fresh warm pretzels with house made mustard, and a philly mushroom sandwich (as long as you ask for no cheese).

 French Broad Chocolates, Asheville, NC (the cookie and chocolate drinks were all vegan!!)
Pictured above is a chocolate snicker doodle with a Buddha hot chocolate (made with almond milk),and a cold drinking chocolate (made with coconut milk).  My advice, try these items; but not all at once!  They are all very rich and Andrew and I had little belly aches after all that sweet.  Divine nonetheless!!

Sawasdee Thai Cuisine, Fairfield, OH

Ok, so I tricked you, the last one was in Ohio, but they had some amazing Thai food and it was very inexpensive considering the taste and amount of food.  We got two meals each out of this!!

So that was our food in a nutshell, we of course brought our own food and ate the hotel's breakfast every morning, which surprisingly wasn't that bad!!  Each hotel had plenty of fruit, oatmeal, and veg-friendly (although not the healthiest) biscuits and waffles.