Wednesday, July 29, 2015

5 tips for keeping cool in the heat of August

Well friends, August first is just around the corner; can you believe it?!  It's is this Saturday!!

I don't know about you, but I've had one busy summer so far, and summer isn't over until September...well, you know what?  Let's have some more summer fun before the cold depths of winter creep up on us!

In keeping with the themes of food and travel, I've come up with a whole bunch of inexpensive ideas on how to stay cool and hydrated during these last scorching weeks of summer.

1. Put several pieces of frozen fruit into your water bottle to keep you hydrated while you are away from home.  Adding frozen fruit not only keeps your water cold, but it adds a touch of sweetness, making you much more likely to actually drink it!

2. Make mid-day smoothies for a burst of healthy carbohydrates, water, and sweetness.  Smoothies are probably the easiest meal or snack to make; all you have to do is throw your favorite fruit in a blender, add some water, ice, and a handful of spinach and you have yourself a powerhouse of nutrition!

3. Carry a small spray bottle of peppermint essential oil mixed with water.  The ratio I use is 1 oz water and 10 drops of essential oil.  The peppermint is so refreshing on a hot afternoon.  To use:  give the bottle a quick shake to make sure the oil is dispersed in the water, then lightly spray the back of your neck and lower back.  These two areas tend to get the hottest and feel the best with the cool water and oil.  You can really use any oil you'd like, but peppermint has a lovely cooling effect after about 5 seconds of being on your skin.  The water is just a bonus!

4. Take some time to sit in the shade and breathe.  It may sound too simple or silly, but this tip will definitely help out, especially if you are stressed and outside.  By finding some shade, and taking a seat in the cool grass, your body will begin to slow down and relax; in turn cooling you off quicker.  Add a few deep breaths (in and out through an open mouth), and you'll be cooled off in no time!

5. Turn the AC on low.  Ok, if you didn't think so by now, you've got to think I'm crazy with this one.  Hang with me for a second...From my own experience (as well as my husband's), when we keep the inside of our home closer to that of the outside, the temperature change doesn't seem so bad when we leave the house.  Makes sense, right?!  Our bodies don't have as big of a swing in temperature to get used to, making the transition to the outside heat much more bearable.  Now, I'm not saying to leave the AC completely off, but think about raising the temperature a few degrees and turn on some fans, or even open the windows in the morning/evenings when the air is more cool.

Do you have a certain habit or tip that helps to keep you cool?  If so, I'd LOVE to hear about it!!