Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Food we packed for our Honeymoon

Well friends, we are half way through our Honeymoon in North Carolina and it is absolutely amazing!!  I can't wait to do a full post for you with a bunch of pictures of all this beauty!  I will be doing at least 2 posts when we get back about the restaurants we ate at and the amazing sights we've been seeing!!

But for now, here's some of the food we brought with us for our car ride from Illinois as well as stuff to snack on.  One thing about traveling is that it can get quite expensive eating out all the time.  We like to stick to one meal out per day (while home its more like once per week or less) and maybe a fun snack like vegan cupcakes or a smoothie.  This helps us to keep a budget and our health all while still enjoying the local culture and food scene!!
  • We get breakfast at our hotel, so we will be loading up on fresh fruit and/or oatmeal there
  • Several bunches of bananas
  • a bag or two of apples
  • Watermelon, chopped while at home
  • Granola bars...we like Cliff bars, but have no affiliation with the company, they are just yummy/convenient/inexpensive/vegan!
That's all the food we packed for the car ride, but we are definitely stopping at a farmers market or store to pick up some more fresh produce.