Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Weekend Recap Part 2: New Plant-Based Milk!!!!

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I'm back!  Woah, two posts in a week?!  Am I going crazy??  Nah, I just have a lot to say!

To continue with my weekend recap:

By 1pm, The Grove was getting crowded and hot, so we left and shared a veggie burger at a local restaurant because we'd be eating again in a couple hours.

At 4, we met up with a friend at a Thai restaurant. Yummmm!!

Then, we ended the evening cruising along the lake on another friend's boat.

Sunday was a day to catch up!  Typically, I try to restock our fridge, plan for the week, and go for a walk/bike ride.  Well, Andrew and I were both tired from Saturday, so we stopped by a few stores to top off our fridge and cabinets before heading home to chill and relax.

While we were out, I wanted to stop by Whole Foods because we hadn't been there in awhile and I love to check out new vegan products.  Found this gem!

I heard about Ripple several weeks ago and couldn't wait to try it!  It is a 100% plant based milk (made from pea protein) that has the same amount of protein as cow's milk.  Now, you all know I don't stress over protein as here in America, it is VERY hard to have protein deficiency unless you are living off of solely highly refined foods (like cookies, chips, and cupcakes).  That being said, some people are concerned, so this is a great option for those who want a higher protein in their milk (compared to almond and rice milks which barely offer 1 those foods in their natural state and that's a whole different story!)
And before you ask, yes this is high in sugar, but it is also their chocolate version, so what do you expect?  Ripple's standard milks have just 8 grams for the sweetened and zero for the unsweetened.

I have loads of recipes to share with you and possibly a yoga video in the future!!!

Have you tried this milk? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!