Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Weekend Recap Part 1: Planning for July 4th

What a weekend!

I have a weekend recap for you all, plus 3 tips for staying hydrated during next weekend's Independence Day festivities.

Saturday started with a car wash!  If my car could talk, it would say, "Finally!  Thank you for cleaning me up!".  I got the outside of the car nice and shiny, and vacuumed the inside as well.

Then, Andrew and I headed to The Grove for their Heritage Festival.  Many people know of this place because they had a field trip here in elementary school!  It even has a beautiful space called The Redfield Estate in which you can hold events such as weddings and dinner parties!  I can do a whole post on just the wedding planning at this place!  Let me know if this is something you are interested in by leaving a comment below!
While at The Grove, there were volunteers dressed up in mid-18th century clothing and doing reenacting of what it was like to live at this home in its prime.  Below is a man acting as a school teacher.  He asked all of the young boys and girls to behave and even taught them how to bow and courtesy! School was so different back then! (Note the chalk board and iron stove!)
 This is the school house from the outside.  An exact replica, built in 1982 that could have up to 33 children from grades 1 through 8 learning at the same time!
The day started to get very warm, so Andrew and I decided to cool off with a snack of fresh juicy watermelon under the shade of a tree.  Delish!  Note the multiple napkins...I still had loads of watermelon juice all over my face!

While at The Grove, we learned to march Civil War-style, dipped candles, saw how to make linen from flax, and simply walked the grounds enjoying the sun.  Whether or not you have kids, if you enjoy history and learning, this place is for you!  I really wish I would have made a candle, but there were too many kids at the time and I've made my own taper candle before...

To keep this post form getting too long, I will stop here.  Be on the look out for part 2 coming soon!