Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Weekend Fun!

Hi there!  The words in this post are going to be at a minimum because I want the pictures to speak for themselves.  That being said, I will give you a quick run down of the busy, but fun, weekend Andrew and I had!  On Saturday, after my yoga class in which I led the class through 50 sun salutations...Andrew and I went to Essencia Yoga Wellness Center in Wheaton where I led students of all capabilities through 108 sun salutations, 30 minutes of restorative yoga, and 20 minutes of meditation!  I enjoyed it so much and got lots of great feedback from everyone!

Make sure to check out her YouTube page  as well as mine and Annie's  for yoga updates and ideas! 

After that Yoga Triathlon, we got to experience a gong bath which was quite a new experience for me!

On Sunday, Andrew and I got up early to get to the ALS walk at Soldier Field in Chicago.  Low and behold, it did not start until 10:30 am, so we walked around for 2 hours until the actual 2 mile walk started.

Yeah, we are children at heart...Played on the metal/rope Earth!

Andrew couldn't find the entrance so he crawled in...

Found the nice big opening after the fact...!
My turn!  Climbing above the entrance to use the top opening.

Finally time for the walk!

I hope you had a great weekend!  Let me know in the comments if you did anything to celebrate the first days of fall!!