Friday, January 4, 2013

Strength in Curry

I don't know about you, but I have been so nervous to adventure into making curries.  Andrew absolutely adores curry and I am quite fond of it myself, there are just so many spices to worry about!  Now, I am definitely good at mixing spices, but my spice palate usually tends to stick towards Italian/Mediterranean, or Southern as those food cultures are what I grew up with.  Indian and other Asian spices are a whole new world for me that I have finally embraced and stepped into.

It has taken me a full year (maybe 2) to actually make my own curry.  I got 2 recipe books loaded with "simple" and healthy curries, but as soon as I looked at the ingredient list, my heart would sink, the book would close, and I would go on to make a soup or stew.

I got the courage to make a curry when I saw all these fresh veggies in my fridge that I wanted to consume but my palate was craving something new.  I went to my room, grabbed the curry books and started to skim the pages.  Kale and cauliflower were the two veggies that I chose to work with.  I ended up finding kale curries, cauliflower curries, and potato curries.  Between the mass of recipes I had to choose from, my instincts told me to combine all of them.  First, I took the base of the potato curry because I actually had all the ingredients (luckily, I knew I wanted to make curry so I bought coconut milk last week while grocery shopping...nothing helps get you motivated more than actually having the ingredients already!).  Next, I used kale and cauliflower to replace the potatoes.  Note:  I love potatoes and there are so many wonderful health benefits to them, I just did not want them this time.  Finally, I started to measure, mix, and cook all of the ingredients until the warm and slightly spicy curry was complete.

The final product:
 Sorry about the fuzzy picture, the lighting is just not great in the winter...Oh well, it tasted so good though!  This piping hot bowl was consumed with a slice of my fresh gluten free sourdough bread!

I hope this recipe inspires you to take courage in yourself in cooking or any aspect of your life.   All you need are the right ingredients/tools, a little motivation, and some time to experiment and you will surpass all of your own expectations and conquer all of your dreams!

Luana ola!