Thursday, January 10, 2013

Longevity in the Blue Zones

     As I mentioned in an earlier post, I received The Blue Zones as a Christmas present this year.  I am so excited to have started reading it; although I am only through the first 2 chapters, I am already enthralled in this research on how to live long and healthy.  At the end of each chapter, there are short reminders of the longevity lessons that each blue zone has to offer.  In this post, I will sum up those lessons for you.  I do recommend that you get this book for your self or a loved one as well because it is just one of those books that I believe to be very important to have in your personal library.

Sardinian Blue Zone:
1. Eat a plant-based diet accented with meat
2. Put family first
3. Drink goat's milk
4. Celebrate elders
5. Take a walk
6. Drink a glass or two of red wine daily
7. Laugh with friends

Okinawan Blue Zone:
1. Embrace an ikigai (a reason to get up in the morning)
2. Rely on a plant-based diet
3. Get gardening
4. Eat more soy
5. Maintain a moai (secure social networks)
6. Enjoy the sunshine
7. Stay active
8. Plant a medicinal garden
9. Have an attitude (let a difficult years remain in the past and enjoy today's simple pleasures)

American Blue Zone:
1. Find a sanctuary in time
2. Maintain a healthy body mass index (BMI)
3. Get regular, moderate exercise
4. Spend time with like-minded friends
5. Snack on nuts
6. Give something back
7. Eat meat in moderation
8. Eat an early, light dinner
9. Put more plants in your diet
10. Drink plenty of water

Costa Rican Blue Zone:
1. Have a plan de vita (sense of purpose)
2. Drink hard water
3. Keep a focus on family
4. Eat a light dinner
5. Maintain social networks
6. Keep hard at work
7. Get some sensible sun
8. Embrace a common history

After reading the entire book in just a couple of days, I have learned so much about being healthy.  Some of the most common factors are drinking plenty of water, eating lots of vegetables, and having a good social life.  Life is all about a balance.  We are constantly searching for homeostasis.  Keep searching and finding new/exciting things about life everyday, it's what will keep you young.

Luana ola!