Monday, January 7, 2013

Renaissance "Meat" Pie

I am almost finished with my children's cookbook!!!  With one more recipe down and one to go, I have set the deadline for February 14th (aka Valentine's Day...).  I will be self-publishing through Create Space and will definitely be letting you all know how it goes; and hopefully, the book will be up for sale!

What a great Valentine's gift or the little one's in your life (or adults who like simple recipes and cute me!)

Today's recipe was the vegetarian version of a Medieval Meat Pie.  Meat pies were very common in the middle ages and Renaissance because they were filling, easy to make, and you could put practically anything in it (kind of like pottage, now that I think of it...).  I can not give out the recipe on my blog, because then I would have no reason to sell the book, but I can give you pictures and tell you how scrumptious it was!

 I had some left over crust, so instead of wasting perfectly good food, I rolled it out, cut some strips, and popped them in the oven alongside the pie.  Let it be noted, that the little strips were baked for only 20 minutes while the pie was in for about 40.
 MMM filled with beans and other goodies in replacing meat!

Have you ever had a savory pie?  If so, what's your favorite?

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