Monday, September 12, 2011

Reading in the Sun

With my busy schedule, I am just not finding the motivation to work out.  I walk a lot during the day and I occasionally practice yoga, but I am content with that for now.  I would like to be more active again, but I get stressed really easily about sticking to a schedule.  For me, exercise is incorporating bouts of physical activity into your day every chance you get.

Today, I walked to my "thinking spot".  I haven't been there since last winter when I took Andrew there for the first time!  And boy has it grown (well, I guess there would be no doubt considering it's the end of summer...)  I read some of my Tests and Measurements book until two teenage boys walked by and interrupted the silence. By that point, I got up and continued my path back home where I have been sitting and working on a bunch of stuff.

On the way there the breeze was making the tall grass gracefully wave in the air.  It was beautiful!
 Looking down from the top of the hill:
 My actual spot is covered with brush in the summer, but it is the middle of the right side of the picture:

I couldn't figure out how to turn the picture...this is looking up from where I  came from.

Looking directly at my spot.  I sit right against that larger tree in the center.

The other side of the hill

There is a small creek that flows only during the summer months around this spot.
Overall, it was a beautiful and productive day!  I hope everyone is enjoying this weather as I am!!

Question of the day:  What is your favorite part about the September/October months?

Luana ola!